Optimaß enables retailers to capitalise on the reshaping of their store portfolio as means of generating cash and monetising excess stock, without any financial risk or disruption.

We also offer a suite of self-funding services that focus on increasing our clients’ profitability by reducing property costs, recovering duplicate payments or unclaimed credits and optimising marketing costs.

Store Closures

Our highly experienced team has operated Europe’s largest Store Closure Projects.

Excess Stock Solutions

We monetise retailers’ excess and obsolete stock either through in situ clearance programmes or through purchase by Optimaß for sell through elsewhere.

Profit Recovery Services

Our profit recovery team identifies and recovers duplicate supplier payments and unclaimed funds such as credit and debit notes and sales and purchase tax.

Marketing Optimisation

Our marketing team reviews and benchmarks headcount, processes and supplier contracts to identify and implement cost savings. We typically achieve at least 15% cost reduction.

Self-funding fee structures.
No financial risk to clients.

Our Team

Our consulting team comprises senior European retail executives.

Mathias Klein

Over 30 years’ retail experience including Operations and Buying roles at Karstadt

Hans-Jürgen Becker

Over 35 years’ retail experience including senior positions at Karstadt and RENO

Yves Vandewiele

25 years’ retail experience including Buying and Management roles at P&C and Galeria INNO (Kaufhof)

Stephen Bruening

Over 30 years’ retail experience including Operational roles at Karstadt Kompakt (Hertie) and Saks Fifth Avenue

Stefan Gronemann

Over 30 years’ retail experience including Buying and Operations roles at C&A

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